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The Total Booking Solution for Your Guide Service

Manage Your Calendar, Reach New Clients, And Accept Payments. All In One Platform

Total Booking Solution for Your Guide Service

What is GuideTech?

GuideTech is an all encompassing calendar management, digital marketing, and payment solution that was built to streamline the way you operate your guide, or charter service.

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Take & Secure Deposits

Quickly and safely accept deposits and payments through your website in real time. Spend less time chasing down deposits and more time reinvesting in your business.

Secure Deposits Instantly
Industry Leading Website Design

Industry Leading Website Design

With only 23 days to build, you can have a fresh new website in no time.

Tools to manage your business with ease

Tools to manage your business
Payment request summary

Features built for all outfitters

Customized add-ons and post-trip payments ensure that you’re customers can easily book your trips without giving you any added stress.

More eyes = More leads • Paid ads Management

Get seen in more places with our Paid Ads Management on Guide Tech. More Eyes = More Leads.

“The Paid Ads from Mallard Bay helped fill in extra dates that we had throughout our season.”
Hunter Runge – Whiskey Sloughs Outfitters

Paid ads Management

Account Managers who understand Your Outfit.

Personalized On-Boarding

Personalized On-Boarding

Schedule an orientation call with a coach from the dashboard. It’s included as a MallardBay member.

Done-For-You Bookings

Done-For-You Bookings

Join the weekly marketing workshop where you will learn strategy, tactics, and best practices.

Join the GuideTech Team

Join the GuideTech Team

Get access to an active group of over 6k members and coaches on FB. Post 24/7 for help and feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for more info? Here are some things we’re commonly asked:

GuideTech is the all-in-one solution for outfitters and charters, offering secure payments, automated deposits, live calendar management, an on-call account manager, and so much more.

GuideTech is built with outfitters in charters in mind, providing the flexibility to run your business your way. Our system helps streamline, professionalize, and increase revenue for your business. All while maintaining the personal touch and flexibility you need.

You create your profile and trip listings based on your preferences. Every booking comes as a request, giving you complete control over your calendar. Once set up, we support you in taking your business to the next level.

During your demo our team will work with you to understand your current goals and pain points to craft a marketing plan to scale your business. We strive to grow your brand and ability to generate your own clients to keep you away from relying on booking agents and market places that charge high commissions. 

As a bonus. Upon joining GuideTech, we immediately boost your website and profile’s SEO, enhancing your Google exposure and driving more traffic and trips.

GuideTech offers a guide-friendly pricing structure. For trips booked through the guide’s channels (website, text, phone calls, etc.), we pass a 5% service fee to the customer and a 3% credit card fee to the guide. 

When you join GuideTech, we enhance your profile and website’s SEO. Guides also receive additional exposure through the Mallard Bay marketplace. We also collaborate with guides to create content on various social media platforms and our email list of over 75k subscribers, showcasing their services.

Getting started is simple and free. Simply, fill out this form and we will be in contact with you about scheduling your free demo.

Absolutely! GuideTech understands that guides and clients value communication, and we encourage all of our clients to continue this tradition. Luckily, we built our platform to facilitate these conversations just for that reason. 

No. Your Mallard Bay profile  that comes with GuideTech can serve as your primary website, or we can integrate with your existing website, allowing clients to book online and improving conversion rates.

You receive your trip deposit/balance in your Stripe account immediately after a transaction is processed. The money is then paid out to your bank account within 2-business days.

Yes. GuideTech offers unmatched flexibility, allowing you to run your business as you prefer. We also allow you to log these “off-line bookings” in your in app calendar to help prevent double bookings. 

GuideTech provides extensive booking flexibility. Adjust for bad weather, price changes, trip length, group size, date swaps, or other circumstances easily. Cancellations and refunds are seamless, and rescheduling can be done with one click. We also boast a full time customer success team to handle this for you if you’d prefer. 

Built by sportsmen. For Outfitters.

Booking Tool

GuideTech makes your booking for clients as simple as possible. Our revolutionary widget can be places on any web platform you market to sportsmen, including websites, Google ads, Facebook and more.

Instant Payments

Say goodbye to delayed transactions; with GuideTech’s Instant Payments, funds are quickly and securely transferred into your account. Streamline your revenue flow, ensuring that you can focus on delivering exceptional experiences without worrying about payment lags.

Calendar Management

GuideTech’s Calendar Management ensures you never double-book or miss a trip again. Easily manage and view your schedule, making it effortless for both you and your sportsmen to plan outings.

Email Building

Reach out to your clients with beautifully crafted emails, thanks to GuideTech’s Email Building. We create engaging campaigns, newsletters, or announcements that resonate with sportsmen and keep them coming back.

Hands-On Support

At GuideTech, we believe in supporting our outfitters every step of the way. Whether you have a technical issue or need assistance with a feature, our dedicated team is ready to assist and ensure your service runs smoothly.

Paid Ads

Boost your visibility and attract more sportsmen with GuideTech’s tailored Paid Ads solutions. Our team will help you craft compelling advertisements that stand out and reach your target audience efficiently.

Custom Website

Present your services in the best light with a professional, user-friendly website designed uniquely for you by GuideTech. From aesthetics to functionality, we ensure your online presence is a true reflection of your exceptional offering.