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Building Your Legacy: Insights from the GuideTech Podcast Episode 7

Why are goal setting and company visions important for small businesses? I’m Logan Meaux, Founder and CEO of Mallard Bay. In Episode 7, covered in this blog, we discuss the foundational elements of growing a successful business, especially in the outfitting industry. Let me share some key insights from our conversation. Starting with a Vision […]

Elevating Customer Success: GuideTech Podcast Episode 6

Hey everyone, Garrett here. We’re thrilled to bring you episode six of the GuideTech podcast, featuring a deep dive into customer success and industry relationships. Joining me today are Logan Mo and Wyatt Mallett, co-founder and VP of Customer and Industry Success at Mallard Bay. This episode centers on the importance of genuine interactions and […]

Embracing Your Online Brand Presence: GuideTech Podcast Episode 5

Hey everyone, Garrett here. We’ve just wrapped up episode five of the GuideTech podcast, and it was a deep dive into the critical importance of having a strong online brand presence. Joined by Logan Meaux, we explored how every business, no matter its size or service area, needs to cultivate a strong digital identity. In […]

Secrets To A Successful Offer: GuideTech Podcast Episode 4

Hey everyone, Garrett here. We’ve just wrapped up episode four of the GuideTech podcast, and I couldn’t be more excited to share the insights we uncovered with Logan Meaux, my co-host and the brain behind Mallard Bay. This episode dives deep into the essence of creating compelling offers that not only attract but also retain […]

Navigating the Trade Show Terrain: GuideTech Podcast Episode 3

Trade shows offer a unique platform for showcasing your brand and services, and they’re a prime opportunity for buying and gathering information. Logan shared insights from the Houston Safari Club, highlighting its role in connecting outfitters with potential clients and partners. Reflecting on my experiences, including the Dallas Safari Club, it’s evident that these events […]

Embracing the Elements: GuideTech Podcast Episode 2

Hey everyone, Garrett here again. I’m thrilled to bring you the second episode of the GuideTech podcast, where we continue our journey into the heart of innovation and tradition in the hunting and fishing industry. This episode features a deep dive with Logan Meaux, as we discuss the challenges and adventures that come with embracing […]

Change Is Growth: GuideTech Podcast Episode 1

Hey everyone, Garrett here. I wanted to take a moment to reflect on our very first episode of the GuideTech podcast. It was an incredible journey just getting to this point, and having the chance to share it with all of you is something I’m truly grateful for. In this episode, Logan and I dove […]