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GuideTech is constantly launching new features and abilities to help you run the best outfitter possible. To ensure you know about all ways to maximize your impact, new features will be announced in banners at the top of the home screen. Click on them to access an introduction on how to use the latest capabilities to maximize your potential. 

Multi-Package Checkout Flow

Sportsmen can now purchase multiple packages from your outfitter or charter in the same checkout. Previously, if sportsmen wanted to book multiple packages or dates, they would have to purchase one, then go back and purchase the second trip through an unrelated checkout. This increased friction and led to purchase drop off, losing outfitters revenue. To avoid lost trips, customers can now purchase multiple packages at once through a single checkout, ensuring outfitters are maximizing their bookings and sales.

Improvements to Checkout

The checkout process now has customizable images, descriptions, and flexible pricing functionality for add-ons, and customizable images, and descriptions for lodging. As the final step of booking is when many customers get cold feet, it is crucial to reinforce the value and excitement a trip with your outfitter or charter provides. By adding enticing descriptions and jaw-dropping images, you can assure them that their purchase will be well worth the cost, decreasing dropoff and increasing bookings.

Lodging Availability

If your outfitter offers lodging, you can now indicate when lodging is available for a hunt or trip. Just like you would show how many slots are available for a hunt or trip, displaying open lodging accommodations gives sportsmen the information they need to plan, book, and enjoy their trip. Soon, you’ll be able to add images and descriptions of your lodging options that appear during the checkout flow, incentivizing bookings and ensuring you maximize your potential revenue.

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