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Multiply Your Impact With the Outfitter Number Feature

A Man is Booking Through a Guide Tech Tool

Running your charter or outfitter can feel like you’re being pulled in every direction. As a business owner, you’re forced to wear multiple hats. You have to lead trips, orchestrate marketing efforts, provide excellent customer service, answer incoming calls from leads, and do so much more. Plus, you have to make time for your family […]

Streamline Operations With GuideTech

Introducing GuideTech: Internal Business Tools for Better Results

While every outfitter and charter guide wants to increase their revenue and grow their business, growth doesn’t always come from the outside. In order to take the next step and bring an outdoor business to its full potential, you’ll need to streamline your internal operations to avoid excess costs and confusion that take you away […]

Professionalize Your Outfitter

Introducing GuideTech:Combining Tradition With Modern Technology

Outfitters and charters are more than just a business. They’re a representation of a way of life, built upon generations of tradition. To fully serve the outdoor industry, we couldn’t just build a tool that increased revenue and helped run a business. We needed something that would bring time-honored pastimes into the 21st century to […]

Increase Your Outfitter’s Revenue with GuideTech

Introducing GuideTech:Book More Trips and Increase Revenue

The need to book more trips and increase their revenue is the number one issue facing outfitters. Whether they are in their first year as a business or have been operating for over a decade, every hunting guide and fishing charter wants to maximize their return on investment. While this is no different from businesses […]

Press Release: Mallard Bay Launches GuideTech To Professionalize the Outdoor IndustryPress Release:

For Immediate Release: 02/14/2024 Modern marketing and business tools are now available to charters, outfitters, and outdoor guides Houston, TX – Mallard Bay – announces the launch of GuideTech to help modernize the outdoor hunting and fishing industries. GuideTech is an all-in-one software platform for outfitters, charters, and outdoor guides that streamlines operations, increases revenue, […]

Introducing GuideTech

Introducing GuideTech: All-in-one Software for Outfitters and Charters

The outfitting industry is full of potential. Every day, more and more sportsmen realize they can live their dreams by leading professional hunting trips and fishing charters. They’re dedicated, experienced, and eager to share their love of the outdoors with others. On the other side of the coin is a growing base of potential customers. […]

GuideTech: Streamlining Your Outfitting Business

Personalized On-Boarding

In the dynamic world of hunting outfitters and fishing charters, efficiency is key. That’s where GuideTech, powered by Mallard Bay, steps in. GuideTech offers a comprehensive solution for outfitters and charters, combining payment processing, calendar management, and booking capabilities. With GuideTech, you can bid farewell to manual processes and welcome a streamlined system that enhances […]