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Hey everyone, Garrett here. We’re thrilled to bring you episode six of the GuideTech podcast, featuring a deep dive into customer success and industry relationships. Joining me today are Logan Mo and Wyatt Mallett, co-founder and VP of Customer and Industry Success at Mallard Bay.

This episode centers on the importance of genuine interactions and the impact of customer success in the hunting and fishing industry. Wyatt shares his experiences, including a memorable appearance on the Big Honker podcast, emphasizing the value of authenticity and transparency in all dealings.

We explore the distinction between customer support and customer success, highlighting proactive strategies to ensure client satisfaction and loyalty. Wyatt’s approach, focusing on the little things like lodge cleanliness and quality meals, underscores the significance of hospitality in the guided trip experience.

Moreover, we discuss the role of customer success in building and maintaining strong industry relationships. Wyatt’s story about his connection with Wade from Migra and the humorous anecdote about a bachelor trip gone awry illustrates the power of personal connections and the importance of handling challenges with grace and accountability.

As we continue to learn and grow, the conversation turns to the collective journey of improvement within the industry. Emphasizing the need for ongoing education and adaptation, we encourage outfitters to embrace change and strive for excellence in every aspect of their operations.

Thank you for tuning into episode six of the GuideTech podcast. Your engagement and feedback fuel our passion for the outdoors and the communities we serve. Let’s keep pushing the boundaries together.

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