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Having a base of repeat clientele is the key to running a successful outfitter or charter business. The most lucrative outdoor businesses that use GuideTech generate about 90% of their revenue from repeat customers. By building connections with these sportsmen that motivate them to return year after year, these outfitters have set themselves up for long-term success. Because they have a steady stream of repeat clients, they can spend less time, energy, and money on acquiring new customers and instead dedicate themselves to leading the best trips possible to satisfy existing customers they’ll know are highly likely to return.

One of the best ways to establish a stream of lifetime clients is to run a GuideTech Books Launch campaign. A Books Launch campaign is a service offered by GuideTech that announces to a vast group of sportsmen you’re accepting new bookings. By communicating your book launch through text, email, and advertising, you can attract attention to your business and create urgency that drives customers to book right away. By sending this offer to sportsmen who have previously booked with you, you can entice them into a seasonal cycle that will see them return to your business for years to come.

Personalized On-Boarding

When you run a GuideTech books launch campaign, it sets the idea in your customers’ minds that they should book their trips with you months in advance. This facilitates the repetitive business of lifetime clients, who feel they are “VIPs” by getting the best pricing and dates. By offering them these exclusive prices and trips, you’re creating a sense of urgency in your customers. Not wanting to miss out, they’ll be moved to purchase quickly and will remember to do so for the following season. Additionally, this process draws attention to your business on social media, so you can attract viewers who have not already booked a trip with you. By generating the urgency and attention to bring new customers into your business, you’re creating the conditions necessary for them to become lifelong, repeat customers that elevate your outdoor business to perpetual success.

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