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Introducing GuideTech: Internal Business Tools for Better Results

While every outfitter and charter guide wants to increase their revenue and grow their business, growth doesn’t always come from the outside. In order to take the next step and bring an outdoor business to its full potential, you’ll need to streamline your internal operations to avoid excess costs and confusion that take you away from leading trips.

GuideTech makes it easy to configure your trip offerings and packages to entice customers. With just a few clicks, you can upload photos (pile pics work great!), set the price, add trip details, and publish. Or, the GuideTech team can configure your trips for you. Now, when customers view your website, they’ll have all the information they need, making it easy for them to book and saving you from having to answer repetitive questions. 

And when customers book, they’ll be able to easily pay through GuideTech’s guaranteed payment collection system. If you’ve been in the outfitting business for a while, you’ve probably had a bad experience with collecting payment: either a customer forgot their wallet, there was a haggle over the price, or you had to struggle through the technical issues of using Venmo, Paypal, or another disjointed payment service. With GuideTech, payment issues are a thing of the past. Easily collect half the payment when the customer books and the other half after the trip is complete, saving you from having to remember to reach out to customers who still have outstanding accounts.  By collecting payment early, you can take in extra cash to use to improve your business by buying ads, hiring additional employees, or improving your infrastructure.

Once customers book, trips will be easily viewable on your GuideTech calendar. With just one glance you can see what dates you have booked, how many guests are on each trip, and where you still have openings that you need to fill. A robust calendar is key to keeping your business aligned and avoiding pesky overbookings that ruin the customers’ experience and detract from your potential.

Not only does GuideTech provide you with these streamlined business tools to empower your business, but it also enables you to take them on the go. With a powerful mobile app designed specifically for outdoor businesses, you can configure trips, check your calendar, collect payments, and more while on the road, in a blind, or at the dock.

Click the button below to book your free demo and learn how GuideTech can empower you to streamline your operations and take your business to the next level.

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