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Introducing GuideTech:Book More Trips and Increase Revenue

The need to book more trips and increase their revenue is the number one issue facing outfitters. Whether they are in their first year as a business or have been operating for over a decade, every hunting guide and fishing charter wants to maximize their return on investment.

While this is no different from businesses in other industries, hunting and fishing outfitters are blocked by unique, industry-specific problems that hinder them from reaching their clientele and converting them into paying customers. While extremely experienced in leading hunts and trips, outfitters sometimes struggle with establishing a digital presence that is necessary to increase their bookings.

That’s where GuideTech comes in. Specifically designed to showcase your prowess as a guide, GuideTech is the tool you need to maximize your potential and increase revenue, year over year.

As the best way to increase bookings is through a strong digital presence, GuideTech enables you to assert yourself online and attract clientele. With GuideTech’s professionally designed website, clients will see your business as established and professional, increasing the likelihood of booking a trip. The custom booking widget makes booking as easy as 1-2-3, eliminating technical issues and friction that would turn away would-be customers. Additionally, your own Google Business profile and robust search engine optimization (SEO) ensure viewers are driven to your site. By far the most effective and beloved component of GuideTech’s offering is the paid ads management service. By configuring your Google and social media advertising (which can be created through GuideTech’s content production), GuideTech generates dozens of leads for your business. You can direct them to your site, or reach out to them directly, maximizing your chance of conversion.

With a top-to-bottom digital marketing presence in place, your outfitter is guaranteed to see results. In fact, Cadillac Creek Outfitters reached over $830k in booking in their first season with GuideTech.

Click the button below to book your free demo and learn how GuideTech can empower you to increase your clientele and maximize your revenue.

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