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Introducing GuideTech: All-in-one Software for Outfitters and Charters

The outfitting industry is full of potential. Every day, more and more sportsmen realize they can live their dreams by leading professional hunting trips and fishing charters. They’re dedicated, experienced, and eager to share their love of the outdoors with others. On the other side of the coin is a growing base of potential customers. As the greater public learns about the beauty and benefits of outdoor adventures through their social media and from their friends, they become enthralled and can’t wait to embark on their own ventures. This base of would-be sportsmen and sportswomen is growing rapidly. It’s estimated they’re willing to spend $18 billion every year.

But there’s a problem.

While the customers are ready and the guides are prepared, the two groups are disconnected. While the hunting and fishing industries are rich with tradition, they struggle to reach the growing segment of new-age customers who are seeking guides and outfitters online. Without a means to connect, the industry we all love will continue to be limited, as outfitters and their potential clientele pass each other like ships in the night.

This is why we built GuideTech.

GuideTech is the only all-in-one software designed to help outfitters, charters, and outdoor guides reach this emerging market and elevate their business. With tools built specifically for the hunting and fishing industries, it enables businesses to connect with the growing base of 21st-century customers and establish themselves as industry leaders. GuideTech does this by solving three specific problems for outfitters and charters:

  1. Increase revenue by providing outfitters with modern digital marketing tools to reach and capture potential customers,
  2. Streamline operations with internal software and a powerful mobile app to help the business stay on track internally and create headache-free experiences for customers and employees alike, and
  3. Professionalize the business to create a seamless blend of modern operations and established outdoor traditions that set the business up for multi-generational success.

By giving outdoor businesses the tools they need to achieve these three goals, GuideTech empowers outfitters to connect with outdoor enthusiasts and create a successful business that will last for generations to come. 

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