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Introducing GuideTech:Combining Tradition With Modern Technology

Outfitters and charters are more than just a business. They’re a representation of a way of life, built upon generations of tradition. To fully serve the outdoor industry, we couldn’t just build a tool that increased revenue and helped run a business. We needed something that would bring time-honored pastimes into the 21st century to give them the respect and attention they deserved.

That’s why we built GuideTech.

As impassioned sportsmen and sportswomen, we want to see outfitters thrive. To do that, they need to match the level of customer service and client satisfaction that the world has become accustomed to in the 21st century. Without a positive customer experience, the outdoor industry will struggle to grow.

With modern marketing tools, streamlined business operations, and a passion for the outdoors, GuideTech is the leading software for outfitters and charters to professionalize their businesses and set them up for multi-generational success. When used to its full potential, it brings together the best of both worlds, creating seamless harmony between the old and the new to maximize your impact. 

The outdoors are a billion-dollar industry. By connecting you with the thousands of sportsmen and women looking to get outside, GuideTech helps you stand out as a professional, modern business with deep-rooted traditions. You’ll book more trips, increase your cash flow, and create the personal relationships that lead to repeat clientele.

Internally, you’ll have the systems in place to handle the issues that come with running a modern business. Payment collection ensures you can reinvest funds to continue growing, while seamless calendar management helps you avoid over-bookings and understaffing to create high rates of customer satisfaction. And, better yet, all of this can be done on the go through the powerful GuideTech mobile app.

By combining your outdoor expertise with GuideTech’s state-of-the-art tools, your outfitter will quickly become a successful, high-functioning business that excels for generations to come.

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