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Running your charter or outfitter can feel like you’re being pulled in every direction. As a business owner, you’re forced to wear multiple hats. You have to lead trips, orchestrate marketing efforts, provide excellent customer service, answer incoming calls from leads, and do so much more. Plus, you have to make time for your family and life’s other responsibilities. To put it lightly, running a business in the outdoor industry can be overwhelming.

That’s why GuideTech built the Outfitter Number feature to give you precious time back. Now you can trust GuideTech’s professional representatives to answer calls from customers and leads, enabling you to focus on other tasks without losing revenue. 

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When you use GuideTech’s Outfitter Number feature, incoming phone calls from leads or customers can be directed to a dedicated GuideTech account manager. When your phone rings, you’ll have the option to answer it yourself or send it to a GuideTech representative, who will answer any questions the caller might have or help them book a trip with you. This gives you the flexibility to answer calls directly or pass them on, and the peace of mind that missed calls won’t be missed opportunities. So, whether you’re in the field or out at sea, you can rest assured knowing any incoming calls are being handled by a team of dedicated, knowledgeable GuideTech representatives.

Along with the extra coverage, GuideTech’s Outfitter Number puts you back in control of your business. You no longer have to drop everything to answer a call or stay chained to your phone for fear of missing a potential customer. If you’re working, you can focus on the clients you’re with or the task at hand, knowing you’re not losing business opportunities. As all calls are sent to a knowledgeable GuideTech account representative, you can rest easy knowing the caller will get accurate information from a reliable, knowledgeable source. Your calls aren’t sent to a distant call center to be handled by someone who knows nothing about your business. Instead, they’re answered by GuideTech reps who know your business and the outdoor industry like the back of their hand.

While GuideTech’s Outfitter Number feature handles incoming calls, you can focus your time and energy elsewhere. Lead a trip, finish your work, or enjoy some much-needed family time without losing customers or opportunities. The Outfitter Number feature is just one way GuideTech puts you in control of your business, life, and destiny.

Contact your account manager (225-577-5397) or book a demo to learn more about the Outfitter Number and GuideTech’s other unique and powerful features.

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