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For Immediate Release: 02/14/2024

Modern marketing and business tools are now available to charters, outfitters, and outdoor guides

Houston, TX – Mallard Bay – announces the launch of GuideTech to help modernize the outdoor hunting and fishing industries. GuideTech is an all-in-one software platform for outfitters, charters, and outdoor guides that streamlines operations, increases revenue, and establishes them as industry professionals. 

Mallard Bay, the Airbnb-style scheduling platform for booking guided fishing and hunting trips with hundreds of vetted charter captains and outfitters, designed GuideTech to accomplish three specific tasks for their clients: 

  1. Increase revenue with modern digital marketing tools to reach and capture potential customers,
  2. Streamline operations with internal software and a powerful mobile app to create headache-free experiences for customers and employees alike, and
  3. Professionalize the business to create a seamless blend of modern operations and established outdoor traditions that set the business up for multi-generational success.

Mallard Bay was founded by sportsmen who saw a fundamental problem within the industry. While there’s no shortage of potential customers and expert guides, the groups are disconnected. Would-be guests largely search for their guides online, while outfitters are accustomed to their offline traditions. By equipping outfitters with modern digital marketing tools and business software, GuideTech closes the technology gap in the outdoor industries, helping guides access the $18 billion spent on guided trips in North America every year.

About Mallard Bay: Mallard Bay Outdoors is an online marketplace where outdoor enthusiasts can browse and book guided hunting and fishing trips with vetted outfitters and charters across North America and beyond. Mallard Bay drives bookings for guides, charter captains, and outfitter owners while providing an Airbnb-style booking experience where sportsmen and women are offered real-time availability, secure payments, and quality assurance along with their guided trips. The masterminds behind Mallard Bay – Logan Meaux, Joel Moreau, Tam Nguyen, and Wyatt Mallett – dreamed up the idea while attending Louisiana State University. Since launching in late 2021, Mallard Bay has onboarded more than 350 charters and outfitters offering hundreds of guided experiences across 38 states and seven countries. For more about Mallard Bay, visit mallardbay.com or watch this video about Mallard Bay. If you have any questions about partnerships or corporate trip opportunities, please reach out to support@mallardbay.com

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