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Recent Product Updates

March GuideTech Product Updates 

Multi-Package Checkout Flow

Sportsmen can now purchase multiple packages from your outfitter or charter in the same checkout flow. Previously, if sportsmen wanted to book multiple packages or dates, they would have to purchase one, then go back and purchase the second trip through a new checkout. This increased friction and led to purchase drop-off, costing outfitters revenue. To avoid lost trips, customers can now purchase multiple packages at once through a single checkout, ensuring outfitters are maximizing their bookings and sales.

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Improvements to Checkout

The checkout process now has customizable images, descriptions, and flexible pricing functionality for add-ons, as well as customizable images and descriptions for lodging. As the final step of booking is when many customers get cold feet, it is crucial to reinforce the value and excitement a trip with your outfitter or charter provides. By adding enticing descriptions and jaw-dropping images, you can assure customers that their purchase will be well worth the cost, decreasing dropoff and increasing bookings.


Lodging Availability

If your outfitter offers lodging, you can now indicate when lodging is available for guests to book. Just like you would show how many slots are available for a hunt or trip, displaying open lodging accommodations gives sportsmen the information they need to plan, book, and enjoy their experience. Soon, you’ll be able to add images and descriptions of your lodging options that appear during the checkout flow, incentivizing bookings and ensuring you maximize your potential revenue.



App Cues Banner

GuideTech is constantly launching new features and abilities to help you run the best outfitter possible. To ensure you know about all these new features, they’ll now be announced in a banner at the top of the home screen. The next time you see one, click on it to access a walkthrough. By understanding and using every feature GuideTech has to offer, you can maximize your impact and your business’s potential.


February Product Updates

Group Pay

As many sportsmen book trips for groups of multiple people, we’ve added the Group Pay feature to remove friction for outfitters and guests alike. Now when one of your customers books for a large group, they’ll have the option to use Group Pay and pay only for themselves (or however many slots they choose). Mallard Bay will provide them and you with a Group Pay link, which they can send to their companions for easy payment. Everyone pays what they owe, and no one is forced to cover outlandish costs. This improves the trip experience and increases the chance the group organizer will return to your outfitter.

Additional Payments

As every trip brings unexpected costs, we’ve refined the ability to charge guests additional payments. “Post-trip Payments” has been changed to “Additional Payments.” Now, you can request payments before, during, or after the trip. You can also specify payment type (cash, check, or other method) and view all the information in the booking payments section. Not only does this change remove customer friction, but it empowers every guide to become a point-of-sale system by using the Mallard Bay Mobile App. You’ll also notice it’s much easier to see the status of payments via the symbol on the right-hand side.


Guide Improvements

To help streamline the process of running an outfitter, we’ve incorporated feedback on the “guide” and “co-owner” roles. Previously, only one “owner” role was allowed, forcing business partners to share a login. Now multiple people can be set as co-owners to have their individual accounts access the same information. 

We’ve also improved the capabilities of the “guide” role to enable guides to view the web dashboard. Previously, this dashboard was hidden from guides. Now they can access need-to-know parts of the dashboard to better understand the business and its progress.

Calendar Improvements

The calendar is one of outfitters’ favorite GuideTech features, and we’ve implemented improvements to make it even better. You’ll notice each listing has a unique color, making them easier to identify with a quick glance. We also added a guest count and additional payments for each trip to stay updated on how many guests you’re guiding and the costs they’ve accrued. Additionally, you can now download trips from the Mallard Bay calendar to save on your personal Google or Outlook calendar.

These updates are available on both desktop and mobile.

Chat Improvements

The chat feature is one of the best ways to communicate with your guests. It’s intuitive, fast, and with the ability to send chats as an SMS, a great way to ensure your messages are delivered straight to your guests. 

To make chat even better, we’ve added two updates. First, co-owners can now send chats as the outfitter. This ensures they’re able to handle their tasks as co-owners and help customers get the information they need. Second, outfitters can now send images to sportsmen via chat or SMS. Images are great to send your guests maps, parking locations, directions, or anything else they’ll need to have the best experience possible.

Notifications Inbox

Did you miss a GuideTech notification? Don’t sweat it. You can now find all your notifications in the notifications inbox, a centralized location for all your updates and need-to-know information.

Push Notifications on Mobile

Mobile app users will now notice push notifications sent from GuideTech. These notifications ensure you’re up to date on all the important information about your outfitter, even if you don’t have the GuideTech app open and in front of you.

Better yet, push notifications use deep links, which open the app to the listing in question. So, if you get a push notification about your “Oklahoma Duck Hunt” trip, opening the notification will bring you right to the page inside the mobile app.

Tap To Pay & Payment Terminals

(Android only, iOS coming soon)

Whether you’re at the lodge or in the field, outfitters and guides need to be able to collect payments on the go. Now available for Android (and coming soon for iPhone iOS) is the ability to collect payments through the GuideTech mobile app, either with a tap-to-pay feature or a payment terminal. This flexible payment option not only guarantees outfitters get their full payment, but ensures customer satisfaction that leads to positive reviews and repeat business.