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In the latest episode of the GuideTech Podcast, our hosts, Garrett Shackelford and Logan Meaux, welcome two special guests: Joel Morel, co-founder of Mallard Bay, and Ryan Bassham, a seasoned marketing expert and entrepreneur. The podcast, recorded in Bozeman, Montana, dives into the significance of understanding customer behavior for business success.

Joel shared his journey of building Mallard Bay, emphasizing the importance of constantly evolving based on customer feedback. Ryan discussed his diverse career, highlighting his experience in sales, marketing, and entrepreneurship, which he now leverages in various ventures, including a new venture capital firm. Both guests underscored the necessity for businesses to adapt to changing customer needs and preferences, especially in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

They illustrate how customer-centric approaches have driven Mallard Bay’s success and offer insights into how outfitters can enhance their services by focusing on controllable factors like quality lodging and customer service, alongside the unpredictable nature of hunting outcomes. The conversation also touched on the broader implications for marketing strategies and business operations, making it a must-listen for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of customer engagement and business growth.

You can listen to Episode 8 of the GuideTech Podcast by clicking the button below.

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